Thank you to all who attended in 2006 and 2007! Here are some of your comments:

“We would all like to say we enjoyed our time at Herbfest. It was a well run event and excellent venue.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a fanastic time at herbfest. I loved the venue, the food and the lectures…not sure about the toilets but they were an experience!! ( I’m all for new experiences)”

“I hope you all feel valued and encouraged to do this next year as l am wanting to start saving up to go again next year already.
It really was a unique and vibrant experience. All the lectures and contributors gave us lots of food for thought to take back with us, not to mention the friends we made amongst the guests.”

“Many thanks for all the work you did organising Herbfest – it was a fantastic 3 day event. The venue was absolutely ideal – we couldn’t have asked for better. It was so good to meet so many old friends, swapping stories and experiences, and make new friends from our wider herbal community. The lecturers were world class. I came home totally inspired and thoroughly refreshed.
Please can we have another one next year. Eden (age 6) says
 “I loved the lectures I attended on Ayurveda with tasting with Sebastian, Chinese herb energetics and tasting with Tamara, and my favourite was on aromatic waters with Joe Nasr. I liked Dragonfly who played on Monday night. Can we have another Herbfest next year?” (I think we have a budding herbalist in the family!)”

“I had a great time at the gathering and I loved the venue of Green and Away. Please, please, please can we have another one next year! It is one of the best events I have ever been to.I have come home so full of energy, enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’.”