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Herbal treatment of breast cancer
Amanda Rayment Amanda Rayment
The content and expression of our herbal medicine
bag for uterine, ovarian and cervical conditions
Discovering love is always the answer: plants and
foods for childrenʼs ailments
Andrew Johnson MAMH. MBANT. RIr. DThD.
Finding your medicine plants The Three Cauldrons healing journeys
Anne McIntyre FNIMH
Adaptogens: wonderful tonic herbs Ayurvedic approach to treating children
David Woodgate
The Lost Spirit of Medicine
Dedj Leibbrandt
Herbal first aid

Joe Nasr D Phyt. DO, MNIMH
Medicinal properties of six ancient aromatic waters
Clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular disorders
Nadia Brydon MNIMH. Dip Phyt. MRCHM. Dip Ac. MAR. MBRCP, HMA (Student Member)
Raw and living food: the philosophy, energetics and theory behind the use of fresh and living herbs and food Food is medicine and medicine is food: a practical juicing and smoothie demonstration for the treatment of cancer and side effects of conventional treatment
Nick Hurn
Sweat lodge

Peter Jackson-Main
Herbs for travel

Pip Waller

Shamanic Journeying with Plants – an experiential session

Sebastian Pole Lic OHM, Ayur HC, MRCHM, MAPA, MURHP
Herbal Ayurveda